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A new album is coming this Spring 2020, “Come As You Are”.

Spring 2017… released from Mad River, “Swamp Music”… under a Full Moon! Now Available on all major digital retailers.

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Mad River are a Canadian folk-rock band with blues and country influences… Swamp Music !

The band released their first album, “Swamp Music” in 2017. Their new album is coming this spring 2020, “Come As You Are”.

Neill Lanz, singer/songwriter, resides in Duntroon, Ontario, home of Mad River Recording. Previously, Neill and Rick Garner released a folk country album, “Tickler”; four songs received radio play in Canada, USA, Europe and the U.K. Neill was formerly in the band Butterfoot in the 80-90’s playing cover tunes and original music locally and in Toronto. Rick Garner performs locally,in Collingwood, with his son in the Aaron Garner Band. Craig Smith, musician/producer, has released 3 solo albums, performed internationally with bands and as a solo artist. Craig hosts Open Mic sessions and performs locally at the Crow, Huron Club and Blue Mountain Resort, to name a few.

Come As You Are (2020)  – Neill Lanz, Rick Garner, Craig Smith, John Hall, guests – Nelson Beattie (sax).

Swamp Music (2017) – Neill Lanz, Rick Garner, Craig Smith, Michael Donovan, David Garner, Kevin Hackett. Guests: Nelson Beattie (sax), Aaron Garner (guitar).

From award winning producer Steve Brown: (Steve produced Sir Elton John, Freddie Mercury (Queen), The Cult, The Pogues and many others): “Just listening to your album right now Neill, sounding great to me…Highly recommend the album people”.

band members

Flowing from the Heart
of the Highlands of Duntroon,

1.   2Ist CENTURY BLUES   2:46
2.   LOOKIN’ BACK   3:15
3.   LUCKY ONE   2:54
4.   FUMBLEBUM   4:00
5.   ONCE UPON A TIME   3:38
6.   SEND ME A GIRL   3:28
7.   LAZY EVENING   2:45
8.   ALL GASSED UP   3:50
9.   VICISSITUDES   3:45
10.   KINDA MYSTICAL   3:23

band pics

Mad River, a Collingwood/Duntroon band, have entered a new original song, Love Grows, in the CBC Searchlight Music Contest.

Searchlight 2020 is CBC Music’s long-running hunt for Canada’s undiscovered musical talent, judged by a combination of public voting and a panel of celebrity judges.

Neill Lanz, Craig Smith and Rick Garner have been enjoying the journey of creating original music, in the Mad River Studio, Duntroon. 

This Canada-wide Music Contest is a great opportunity for us to share our music and get it out there!

Voting begins Tues. Feb 4th – Feb 19th, 3pm. Fans can cast a Vote for Mad River Once Per Day, which means you can Vote Daily. 

To Listen to Love Grows, and to Vote….please go to where all the Entries are listed under “Artist Entries”, Enter/click-  Mad River. Each Video will have a button to Vote, along with options to share our song on social media with family & friends.

Why Wait… Please Vote Early and Often to help promote Mad River to CBC Searchlight Contest, across Canada!

(Please use #Searchlight 2020, tag at @cbcmusic and Facebook: CBC Music in your social media posts)

Click here to Love Grows

Available at Mad Dog’s Coffee & Vinyl Cafe in Collingwood, Ont

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